Apple iPhone 7 won’t come with a headphone jack

At least, that’s what rumour sites like Unbox Therapy are saying.  Unlike past generations of iPhone where the chassis was upgraded every two years, it appears that apple will be keeping the iPhone 6 body for at least an extra year.  The two biggest differences that you will notice from looking at the mockup iPhone 7 that Unbox Therapy has is the lack of headphone jack as well as the protruding double lens camera.  It is believed that getting rid of the former will allow Apple to make the phone water-resistant while still providing the original functionality through the existing lightning port.  This will indeed mean that your existing headphones will need an adapter to work.

Here is the original video highlighting the differences.

Credit to: Unbox Therapy

Next: PrimeAir by Amazon

Amazon just revealed that their first cargo plane, Amazon One, which is part of the PrimeAir initiative will be on display at Seafair Air Show this weekend. The Boeing 767-300 is broadening the meaning of “PrimeAir” after it was introduced in 2013 as its drone delivery system.  Here’s a picture of the plane if you’re curious (credit to:

Amazon PrimeAir Plane Boeing


Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony at 7:00 PM EST Tonight

This news may not have much to do with technology but the fact that the Olympic Committee has decided to put streamed content in the front seat does.  As you probably know by now the opening ceremony is taking place at 7:00 PM EST tonight.  Will all the drama surrounding Brazil’s underwhelming level of readiness it will be exciting to see if they can impress the world this evening.  Here are the links you can follow to stream the Olympics:

Please let me know what other events have picked your curiosity this week!

Go Team Canada!

-Phil Alexandre