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Professional Web Design And Development Ottawa

All-In-One Professional Website Design Ottawa

Engaging website design that delights and captivates users, converting visitors into customers.

The website is your company’s first salesman – so it deserves all the attention. After all, it provides the first glance to your audience and makes a difference on how they view your business and potentially become customers. A responsive website that offers an aesthetically pleasing user experience as well has potential to boost your conversion rate – which results in better business & revenue.
If you’re looking for a web design and development provider in Ottawa, Canada, we’re here to help you achieve a top-tier website that will bring undeniable value to your business, be it a start-up, a small/medium company or a large corporation. Remember – you only have a few seconds to capture the visitor’s attention and convince him your offerings are worth exploring further. We’re here to make sure you make a great first impression.
We are a professional Web Design company in Ottawa, Canada, experienced in building stunning websites adapted to our clients’ business goals.
Our experience is focused on the following sectors (but not limited to them):
  • NGOs;
  • Education;
  • Religion (Churches);
  • Publishing (Magazines & Newspapers);
  • Online Business Directories;
  • Traveling;
  • Real Estate;
  • Classified & Corporate Business.


Mobolo’s core offerings:

Responsive Web Design: The site flexes on desktop computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone gadgets and devices. No need of a mobile site design version.

Search Engine Optimized: Search engine optimized SEO web design – highly optimized making sure your website is SEO friendly to be easily indexed and ranked high on search engines.

Clear Navigation: Intuitive navigation menus management, links and buttons, making sure your visitors don’t get lost or use their interest.

Interactive Designs: We create interactive Content Management Systems, making sure your visitors don’t feel the need to call for further clarifications.

Cross Browser Compatibility: Compatible in multiple browsers, meaning your website will look great on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.

Our prices start from $50/month, so that any business in Ottawa, regardless of its stage, can afford an appealing online presence.

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Professional Web Design Ottawa Services

Mobolo provides full scale website design services, from small static to large content managed (database driven) websites. We make sure your website works for you 24/7 & provide solutions that ensure your investment works to your advantage.

Website Information Architecture
In the current competitive online environment, it’s of great importance to have a proper content strategy in place. Whether you are building a tourism website or an e-shop, your content strategy is vital for both good ranking in the search results and delivering the right messages to visitors. We help your small business build an information architecture around your products and services to give you the best possible return on investment and conversion rates.

Website Conceptual Design
A great design isn’t just visually pretty – it has a meaning underneath. We can help you develop a concept that fits your business perfectly, so that your target audience gets precisely the message you’re aiming to send in the most simple & effective manner.

Website Layout Design & Optimization
The layouts of your content (written and graphical) are of paramount importance for boosting conversions. By developing tailored strategies, we make sure the placement of content within your layouts reaches the maximum conversion.

Website Maintenance
If you don’t want the responsibility of updating your content on a regular basis – we are not going to let you down. Once your website is live, it must be taken care of and kept in good condition to maintain its value over time. Our personalised monthly maintenance plans are affordable and guarantee your requests are acted on within a 48h time frame. What else is included:

  • Content updating;
  • Backup of your site data;
  • Performance checking;
  • CMS security updates management – to make sure everything runs smoothly all the time.

We Design Websites For All the devices (Responsive)

6 Steps to getting a web design in ottawa

1.This one is very predictable – but needs to be mentioned anyway: look for a company on the internet that specializes in professional web design in Ottawa.

2.If you’ve found an appealing company specialised in professional web design in Ottawa – find out if they match your criteria & offer all the web design services you require. Do they offer website hosting and website maintenance? What about the quality of their customer support? It would be a great idea to have a look at the list of previous clients and maybe get the retention rate.

3.Web design services in Ottawa come in a whole range of different prices. Choose the package that suits your company’s needs and budget. If you can’t afford the web design company that you have come across, then look elsewhere, always keeping in mind the quality of work that you require from your web design. So, coming to point number 4.

4.Look at the portfolio of projects done for other clients. Are you happy with the outcome of the website designs they have created in the past?

5.Read through some of the testimonials of the different companies. This will give you a feel of what to expect from that particular company if you decide to work with them.

6.If you’ve followed the previous steps and you’re convinced to choose Mobolo, get in touch. We will work out an offer & a payment plan suitable for your business. Keep in mind that building a cohesive online presence encompasses more than having a website – from SEO and traffic to branding and conversion rates, your site’s web design has a huge impact on your business’ development. We’ll make sure it’s a positive one!

Mobolo strives to offer the best professional web design services in Ottawa.
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