We spend a lot of our time working with small business owners nationwide. We get to work on a wide variety of projects ranging from auto detailing one-man shows to seasonal candy shops.
You’ve guessed it; this post will talk about the latter!

When Heather first reached out to us about nine months ago, she was looking for a new website. She already had a site up but was looking to freshen it up in a way that better reflected her store’s personality.

In creating Sugar Beach Candy‘s website, we had two goals in mind:

1. Make it easy for visitors to find basic information about the store:

  • Business Hours
  • Business Address
  • Overview of available services

2. Make it convenient for potential customers to get in touch.

We achieved this by creating a “straight-to-the-point” one-page website that was easy to access on all devices.

As with all businesses, it didn’t take long for Heather’s priorities to shift and adjust to meet customer’s needs. Barely a few months after we were introduced, Sugar Beach Candy was ready to open a new permanent location in Winnipeg in addition to her seasonal shop in Gimli.

With Heather’s inital goal accomplished, we are now working with Sugar Beach on an on-going basis to help them stand out from the crowd. After the busy season, we plan on adding cataloging functionality to the shop’s website. This will allow curious customers to learn more about the rare candies and treats currently in stock!